We’ve got our issues

But loving each other Ain’t one of them


We met in the west

and it was a wild ride

Kate was living under a bridge in LA, and Chris was a fiery bicycle companion. They got to know each other over lots of late night rides across the city. They moved in together after their first real date. Two coasts, two dogs, and six years later, we still really really like each other, finish each other’s sentences (that’s annoying but it’s true), and support each other for all of their dumb and amazing whims. It’s time to make this a lifelong thing. 


It’s going down

april 27, 2019


The party

We're getting married in Brooklyn, because that’s fun. And we’re doing it at Rose’s, because it’s where our favorite people gather. Dress upscale backyard BBQ, and be ready to party (and probably dance).

What / when / where

5:00p – 😬
Rose’s **
275 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

**IMPORTANT: if you are Ubering to Rose’s
make sure you choose Flatbush Ave
not Flatbush AVE extension.



We have a block of 10 rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn Express near Rose’s. Call at 718-797-1133 and refer to the group code MOR to reserve. Or use the link below to book online.

If you want to go the AirBNB route, search for apartments in the Park Slope, Gowanus, or Prospect Heights neighborhoods if you’d like to stay close to the venue.

Holiday Inn Express

625 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 797-1133



We’re fixing up an old trapper’s cabin upstate.

We’d be so very grateful for any contributions made to restoring our home in the woods. We also know how important physical gifts might be to some of you, so we’ll be sure to include both in our registry.